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Do you have an issue you need resolved? Find out where to file a complaint based on your specific issue, discover how the complaint process works at different agencies, and learn what resolutions are available to you.

Washington State Attorney General

The Office of the Attorney General offers a complaint service to state residents who have had an issue with a business located in Washington State. Read more about how the complaint process works and how to file a complaint by phone, mail, or online. You can also find resources for common complaints not managed by this office including debt counseling, landlord-tenant issues, spam, and email scams.  

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Consumer products

A consumer is anyone who buys goods (physical items) or services. You have rights as a consumer any time you make a purchase. Learn more about common concerns such as refunds, disputes, scams, and identity theft, and how to file a complaint.  

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File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau 

Report an unsafe product to the Consumer Product Safety Commission 

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Report fraud to the Federal Trade Commission 

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Licensed businesses

You can file a complaint with the Department of Licensing (DOL) about any individual or business licensed through the state. DOL cannot help recover funds or award damages, but can take action against a person or company violating their business license. If you don’t see the type of license, you’re looking for on the File a complaint page, look at the List of Licenses page. 

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Financial services

File a complaint about credit cards, banking, prepaid cards, debt collection, mortgages, student loans, payday loans, and more. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau accepts most complaints related to financial services and products and can direct you to another agency if appropriate. You can also make a complaint against a specific financial institution by filing with the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) or the Federal Reserve. You can report issues with investments and securities fraud to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

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The Office of the Insurance Commissioner manages complaints for all types of insurance including auto, home, health, life, long-term care, and Medicare. You can get help for issues such as denied or delayed claims, cancelled policies, and understanding your insurance plan, and learn how to file a complaint. 

Understanding the complaint process 

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File a complaint with the insurance commissioner 

Internet, telephone, and television

Get informed about your rights regarding internet, telephone, and television service providers. These services are called communications. You can find out if your issue with a communication service is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission and how to file an informal complaint. 

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Utilities and transportation

The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) accepts complaints about energy, water, garbage and recycling, transportation and phone companies regulated by state government.  

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The Washington State Human Rights Commission investigates complaints on discrimination in employment, housing, service establishments, insurance, and credit. Read about the investigative process and download a complaint form, which you can file by email or mail. 

Learn more at the Human Rights Commission  

Worker rights

Learn how you are protected by law and what to do if you feel your rights have been violated. You can file a complaint for issues related to wages, rest breaks and meal periods, child labor, uniforms, and retaliation and termination without fear of backlash. 

Understand your worker rights 

File a workplace complaint with the Department of Labor & Industries 

Workplace safety

You have the right to a safe and healthy workplace no matter your work setting. This includes having access to safety information and training, injury, illness, and exposure records, and the ability to participate your company’s safety committee and attend L&I safety inspections. You can report a safety hazard anonymously or include your name and request confidentiality. 

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Agency specific complaints

If you have an agency specific complaint, please use the agency directory, to directly contact that agency. We cannot process complaints on this website.