We’re glad you are doing business in Washington. Get access to the resources you need to start and run a business, get a professional license or certification, or drive commercial vehicles. If you are working for a business, learn your rights.  

Doing Business in Washington

Find the information you need to do business in Washington. Learn how to open, manage, or close your business. File and pay business and occupation (B&O) taxes, explore opportunities to contract with state government, and locate resources for small businesses and minority- and women-owned businesses. Get guidance on complying with our state’s hazardous waste regulations, reporting paid leave, and administering workers’ compensation. 

Open a business

Manage or close a business

File and pay B&O taxes

Unemployment taxes

Business waste

Small business guidance

Minority and women-owned businesses

Veteran owned businesses

Doing business with the state

Emergency preparedness for businesses

Workers' compensation coverage

Paid leave reporting

Resources for employers

Professional Licenses & Certifications

To work in Washington, certifications and licenses are required for certain jobs. Find out if you need licensure for your position, how to apply for a license, and how to see the status of your license. Learn what types of apprenticeships are available, the requirements for each program, and how to apply.

List of licenses

Check the status of a professional license


Find an apprenticeship

Commercial Vehicles

Register your commercial vehicle and learn how to meet federal requirements for operating in Washington. Find information about trip permits and travel restrictions for commercial vehicles. Use the Taxpayer Access Point to pay Fuel Tax, manage your International Registration Plan, and file Fuel Tax Refund claims.

Commercial vehicle registration

Restrictions and permits for traveling on state roads

Learn how to get your commercial driver’s license in Washington

Taxpayer Access Point