Bicycle Commuting

Bicycle commuting is a cost-effective way to get around town that’s healthy for you and the planet. This zero-emission method of transportation can help save you thousands of dollars each year in fuel, insurance, and parking costs. Not to mention it’s fun!


First things first. Make sure you know the basics so you can ride with confidence. Get information on beginner bike handling, helmets, traffic laws, and bike upkeep.

Basic biking tips and guidelines

Get familiar with Washington State’s bicyclist laws

Learn basic bike maintenance to ensure your bike is always in good condition to ride


Connect with other commuters and get resources on biking. If your employer has an in-house commuting incentives program, you can track your trips and access your benefits here.

Register for Rideshare

Find a bike buddy through Ridematch

Track your rides with Trip Calendar to see your positive impact and be eligible to win prizes

Using Public Transportation

You have options! If your office is located far from home, you can combine biking with other forms of public transportation to commute more flexibly.  

Taking the bus with your bike

Bringing your bike on Sounder trains and light rail

Biking onto a ferry

Bike Routes

Take a look at these maps to help plan your commute route.

Alphabetical list of state and local bike maps

Washington state highways closed to bicycles

U.S. bike routes