Washington State is a wonderful place to raise a family. Find the information and resources you need to ensure your family has access to food, healthcare, childcare, and education. Learn how to prepare your household for disasters, prevent injuries and violence, and maintain social connections with an incarcerated loved one.  

Health & Nutrition

Proper nutrition and food security is essential for the well-being of families. Find a food bank and other food resources in your area and learn about state-funded food assistance programs and how to apply. Discover how an active lifestyle and healthy eating habits can improve your overall health and quality of life. Speak with a referral specialist at Washington 2-1-1 to get help finding local services and resources.  

Resources to help you find food 

Map of currently open food banks and meal programs in our state 

Improving health with nutrition and physical activity 

Washington 2-1-1

Medical Insurance

Make sure you and your family are staying up to date with regular checkups and can easily access care when sickness or injury happen. Washington Apple Health provides free and low-cost healthcare coverage through a variety of medical assistance programs including Medicaid.

Learn how Washington Apple Health works

Apply for Washington Apple Health 

Emergency Preparedness

Maintain your family’s peace of mind by planning ahead. Use the Prepare in a Year Guide and complete one activity a month to get your family ready for when disaster strikes. Learn how to build a disaster kit with enough supplies to last two weeks and don’t forget to consider your pets when you make a family emergency preparedness plan.

Learn more about emergency preparedness

For individuals, families, and pets

Watch the Prepare in a Year webinar

Build your disaster kit

Prepare your pets for disaster

Emergency Preparedness Guide and links to other publications

For Caregivers

We have tools to help you get information about individual childcare providers and early learning programs in Washington State. You can also find assistance to help pay for childcare. If you are opening your home and heart to a child whether as a foster parent or kinship caregiver, we offer guidance and support with completing your home study, licensing, important forms and publications, and adhering to laws and rules. Report child abuse and neglect to your local Child Protective Services office and learn what happens after a report is a filed. You can also find information and resources on topics related to raising healthy infants, children, and teens including immunizations, child development, protection from toxic chemicals, positive parenting, baby sleep safety, and more.

Find childcare and early learning providers

Get help paying for childcare

Foster parenting and kinship care

How to report child abuse or neglect

Raising healthy infants, children, and teens

Kindergarten Through High School

Find quality education for your children and teens and the tools and resources to help them succeed. Learn more about different graduation pathways and graduation requirements aimed at preparing students for college and careers. The School for the Blind empowers blind or low vision students from 6th through 12th grade to reach their full potential. Youth who are blind or have low vision from birth through age 21 can find services and support through the Department of Services for the Blind. 

List of school districts, charter schools, and tribal schools

Career and college-ready graduation requirements

Graduation pathway options

School for the Blind 

Services for youth who are blind or have low vision

Student success


Find the right program to fit your career and education goals from several different types of schools for higher education. Community and technical colleges offer associate’s degrees, certificates, technical and skilled trades training, while colleges and universities offer bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD degrees across a wide range of disciplines. Students from low socioeconomic backgrounds can receive coaching and support from the College Success Foundation to prepare for and finish college. Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or Washington Application for State Financial Aid to get help paying for school.

Community and technical colleges

Independent Colleges of Washington

List of colleges and universities in Washington

College Success Foundation

Paying for college

Resources for Families of the Incarcerated

Families are a valuable resource for those serving time. If you have a loved one in prison, your emotional and financial support greatly contribute to a stable and successful reentry into the community. Learn more about visiting a correction facility, sending items to an inmate, and tapping into family support resources. 

Information for families and visitors going to correction facilities

Send something to a loved one serving time

Visitor guidelines

Guide for Family and Friends of the Incarcerated

Family support resources

Personal Safety

The Washington State Department of Health’s Injury and Violence Prevention Program collects, analyzes, and interprets data on violence and injury to inform policies and best practices. You can learn more about our current focus areas and find resources to help keep you and your family safe and healthy.

Injury and Violence Prevention Program

Review data on injury and read about evidence-based practices 

Older adult falls

Opioid overdose prevention

Pedestrian and motor vehicle safety

Prevention childhood injuries

Sexual and domestic violence

Suicide prevention

Traumatic brain injuries

Washington State Violent Death Reporting System

State Library & Archives

Our state library and other public libraries empower your family with access to information, technology, resources, and professional support. Call, email, or chat with a librarian to get your questions answered from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.

Ask a librarian

Washington State Library hours and contact information

Branch libraries within other state agencies

Find a public library

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