Volunteer or Give to a Charity

Get involved and make a difference! Volunteers are a vital part of healthy and growing communities, and you can donate your time, services, and talents or contribute money to meaningful causes.

Many services in your community such as food and blood banks, parks and nature trails, and emergency relief services stay in operation mainly through volunteer efforts.

Volunteer With State Agencies

Over a dozen state agencies offer volunteer positions that range from administrative work done at a desk to hands-on efforts in the field. Volunteers have assisted with tasks such as search and rescue, transcribing documents for the state archives, serving as a tour guide at the State Capitol, and more. You are bound to find an opportunity that’s perfect for you.

Search for volunteer opportunities by county

Find ways you can help during the COVID-19 pandemic

Help with the Historical Records Project at the Washington State Archives

Volunteer as a State Capitol tour guide

Adopt-a-Highway with your group or organization to help keep our roadsides clean

Get involved at a veterans home to serve those who served our country

Help build safe communities by assisting incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals

Volunteer Outside

You can ensure that the parks, trails, and natural habitats you love are well-maintained for all to enjoy by pitching in outdoors. There are opportunities to be a host at a state park or campground, join in on trail maintenance work parties and beach cleanups, and participate in group efforts with your school or business. You can even earn a free Discover Pass once you’ve completed a required number of volunteer hours!

Learn more about the Washington State Parks volunteer program

Volunteer to help protect DNR-managed lands

Assist in activities that benefit fish, wildlife, and natural habitats

Find out how you can earn a free Discover Pass through volunteering

Join Washington Conservation Corps to help restore habitats, build trails, and respond to disasters

Volunteer During Disasters

Medical, public health, and emergency response professionals are especially needed during states of emergency and disasters. Put your skills to work where they’re most needed and register as an emergency volunteer. See the registration guide for tips and guidance on how to sign up.

Register to help during states of emergency and disasters

Registration guide for helping during states of emergency and disasters

Sign up with the Medical Reserve Corps

Join the Disaster Reservist Program

Volunteer At A Food Bank

Everyone deserves access to fresh and healthy foods and you can help those in need by volunteering to organize and distribute food.

Northwest Harvest

Second Harvest

Food Lifeline

Google Map of food sites that need volunteers that’s updated daily

Find The Right Volunteer Opportunity For You

The right volunteer opportunity not only enables you to do your part for your community, it can also help you build connections and learn new skills. The resources below can match you with an organization that suits your unique interests and talents.

Serve Washington

Volunteer Centers of Washington

Just Serve

Volunteer Match

Donate Blood

Perhaps you’re short on time or charitable giving is not in your budget right now, blood banks are always in need of donors. Donating blood is a relatively quick and easy way to contribute to your community and an hour of your time could save three lives.

Learn more about blood donation

Find a donation location and schedule an appointment to donate

Find a mobile blood drive near you

Read the eligibility requirements to donate blood

American Red Cross Northwest Region

Donate To a Charity

Charitable giving is an easy and meaningful way to contribute to causes that align with your values and hold personal significance for you. Learn more about how different organizations use your donation dollars and make an informed giving decision.

Research efficiency, transparency, and governance analyses of different charities

Search for a nonprofit and read community-sourced reviews

Find a charity by cause category

Search, retrieve, and print charities programs records

Consumer advice about charities